Online ICNS Etiquette

Be on time, plan your participation

We have limited time, and we would like to use it in the best way possible. If you are expected to deliver your speech, we kindly invite you to enter the virtual room a few minutes before the session.

Please, join the room with your micro off. If you are late it won’t be a problem.

You may double-check the programme a few days before the conference. Make sure when your intervention takes place. It might have suffered any last-minute change.

Have a look at the book of abstracts to know more about what the speaker is going to talk about. It might help you in building your agenda.

Mic off

Mute your microphone even if you are not speaking. Some background sounds like typing, coughs, laughs… may distract the speaker.

We will mute all mics at the start of each session, but… in case it doesn’t work, we appreciate your collaboration.

Good conditions, best conference

We recommend a quiet room, with good light and a neutral background.

We’ve all attended videoconferences with dogs barking, trucks running, or zombie alert sirens… and we know how uncomfortable they are. Make sure that your room guarantees the best conditions for holding an e-meeting.

Also, have a good point of light. We want to see your face and see your smile when we make jokes. Too shining bulbs or low-key lightning may not make you justice.

Not less important is the angle of your camera. Make sure it points at you. It is always better a frontal plane than a side. Also, try to look at the camera, it would make us feel you are talking to us despite the distance.

Regarding your background, it’s always fine to have a neutral background. You can actually change it for a virtual background if you wish. There are great ones on the net, but keep it professional.

Test your connection, test your devices

Make sure your device has a good connection. A low WIFI signal is not very reliable for an e-meeting. You may scan your home to locate the best place with a stronger signal. If it is possible to connect your device by cable to your router.

Test your device too. Make sure your microphone and speakers are working. In case that they are not, make sure you have an alternative.

Get familiar with the platform

Make sure you are familiar with Zoom before the conference. They have a built-in educational tour which may be enough for the conference. It will lead you through the basic tools (they are enough for an e-meeting). It would be better if you take this tour a few days before the event.

We recommend having a look here for more how-to-do tips. This will avoid wasting time, and we will be able to keep on schedule and enjoy of all the resources that the platform offers.

Appropriate clothing

We don’t have a cloth code, but… consider a full business casual attire.

Keep in mind that you will be in front of a camera… avoid unnecessary visibility.

Use de parole

We are many people, and in order to have a satisfactory conference, we must respect pretty much each other. One of the keys would be to respect people’s talking and wait to intervene. Don’t speak over another person.

If you want to participate in the debate, use the tool Raise your Hand. If we had not time to include your question, please, feel free to ask our colleague in private. We are all cool, and happy to talk.