Best Nightground 2020

Despite many conferences that have been cancelled, or postpone with no date of realisation, ICNS organisers opted to go virtual, embracing the new technologies of communication. This practice was already common in certain scientific fields, and they have been used in many conferences before.

We projected the conference to be memorable. Many great talks, very interesting interventions, and so many perspectives about and the night. The conference is going to be recorded and it will be available on-line. Researchers, policymakers, general public can benefit of this.

We know that we requested a formal-casual attire, but… we would like to ask you to make ICNS a bit more fun. 

What to do?

Zoom is the platform that we decided to use to drive the conference. This platform has a lot of options, but one that called our attention is the possibility to choose a virtual background. Library fake backgrounds have gained a lot of popularity in these last months, but… what if our background was about the night instead?

We invite all participants to switch their backgrounds to a representative, original, genuine night related picture. We will screenshot you and post it on our Instagram. This helps to build a memory album of the conference too.


We are posting these pictures on the official Instagram of the Conference, and we invite you all to like the best nightground of ICNS2020. 

Everyone can like the picture, obviously, but we will take the totals on July 4th. The organisation will define what time uses to consider the total likes. This means that you will never know when we set the cutting time. We hope that you speed to like your candidate, and you don’t leave it to the last moment.

We will advertise the winner after the workshop. The most liked picture will receive a fee waiver award for ICNS next edition. 


Conference Organiser decisions are not appealable and will be final once advertised.

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