About the presentations

Times and use of parole

Each communication has assigned 15 minutes time.

In the case you are in co-authorship, we recommend that you negotiate the time of speaking with your colleague before your intervention. For example, divide the presentation on issues; or decide if one presents and the other answer the questions.

Once all members of your table have spoken, we will open a Q&A time. This time is intended to related questions to the interventions, people taking this opportunity to lecture will be muted.


Indeed, a conference via Zoom is a great challenge, for organisers and also for you guys.

We recommend to prepare a PowerPoint or similar. You will be able to display your presentation without any problem. Have a look below to know how it works on Zoom:


We request to be very puntual. We have not many time, and delays will affect the whole scheme of calls.


During the first session, we will explain some of the aspects of Zoom, refresh the etiquette, and present each other. It is not mandatory to attend, obviously!

You can assist and participate in the session you like. You have just to download the invitation from the map of sessions.

Not possible to be right there?

No problem. Send us your slideshow narrated video recording, by Monday June 29th, 2020.